Friday, April 12, 2013

Isn't this little thing amazing! It can make you cry, smile, laugh, scream, love your husband or make you want to throw it at his face, hug your child or shake the crap out of him. It's amazing that this piece of cow hide with laces can bring out the best and the worse, make friends and enemies. It really baffles me that it just about can make you a millionaire or broke. I wrote this post over a year ago after Jackson's t-ball game. 

A year later this still holds true. Why as parents can we not accept that losing will happen? Why as parents can we not accept that our children may not always be the best or on their A game at every game. Why?? Because as parents we tend to live vicariously through our children. I find this to be the case with Lane and Hunter. We want so bad for our children to have more and be more than we were or had. All this being said our children are the ones that suffer. What ever happened to just go play and have fun..Famous words of my father 33 years later.. Wont go there but at the time it wasn't just go have fun. It was be the best and this what you did wrong and this is how you fix the problem. I find myself as a mother doing the same things, I find myself saying the same things my high school coach said to me over and over again. I see the passion that my son has for the game of baseball which brings out the mega bitch in me as his mother to make sure that happens at all cost. Now, I will say not at the cost of belittling another child but in the sense that if I can make it happen or open that door for him or fly him across the country, I will do it.  I love this game that makes men gods in little boys eyes but I don't like the loss that comes with the games either. Not a loss of a game but the loss of friends, sleepless nights, or possible dreams crushed, or the chatter among parents. You can ask anyone that has seen me at Hunter's games I sit in the outfield away from the world in my own world. Why do you ask? So I can talk ugly when my child or your child screws up and no one hears me because I know it's just a game. How do you delicately balance not pushing them to hard but yet instilling hard work and dedication? I know that I have a special young man that is working very hard but do I just let him have fun or do I put him in a position to be challenged. Is there really a field of dreams?? If he just plays at the recreation center or the local little league will they come? Or do I set the stage now to build the platform for them to know his name and his capabilities? Yes he is "just 10" but people he will be "just 15" before we know it. So once again this little round thing covered in cow hide with a single lace stretched across it has caused sleepless nights and tears just for that hope that one day you can make your child's dream come true.....

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